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457 & 401 Plans

For 401 defined contribution and 457 deferred compensation retirement plans, MissionSquare Retirement makes available a variety of investment options. Many of those investments are the Funds, which are available through the MSQ Funds, a group trust sponsored by the VantageTrust Company.

Some or all of the Funds listed below may not be available in your plan. To view the specific investments available in your plan, including fee-adjusted performance data, log into your account online or contact Investor Services.

With the exception of the MissionSquare Retirement IncomeAdvantage Fund, each Fund listed below is invested in a single underlying MissionSquare Fund or in a single third-party mutual fund. While the underlying objectives, risks, and investments are identical, the Funds listed below may be subject to additional expenses.

401 and 457 Employer Retirement Plans Funds
Stable Value/Cash Management
MissionSquare PLUS Fund
MissionSquare Core Bond Index Fund
MSQ Western Asset Core Plus Bond Fund
MissionSquare Inflation Focused Fund
MSQ PIMCO High Yield Fund
Guaranteed Lifetime Income
MissionSquare Retirement IncomeAdvantage Fund
Balanced/Asset Allocation
MissionSquare Retirement Target Income Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2015 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2020 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2025 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2030 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2035 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2040 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2045 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2050 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2055 Fund
MissionSquare Retirement Target 2060 Fund
MissionSquare Model Portfolio Conservative Growth Fund
MissionSquare Model Portfolio Traditional Growth Fund
MissionSquare Model Portfolio Long-Term Growth Fund
MissionSquare Model Portfolio Global Equity Growth Fund
MSQ Puritan® Fund
U.S. Stock Funds
MissionSquare Equity Income Fund
MSQ Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund
MSQ MFS Value Fund
MissionSquare 500 Stock Index Fund
MissionSquare Broad Market Index Fund
MissionSquare Growth & Income Fund
MSQ Parnassus Core Equity Fund
MSQ Invesco Main Street Fund
MissionSquare Growth Fund
MSQ T. Rowe Price® Growth Stock Fund
MSQ Contrafund®
MissionSquare Select Value Fund
MSQ Victory Sycamore Established Value Fund
MissionSquare Aggressive Opportunities Fund
MSQ AMG TimesSquare Mid Cap Growth Fund
MSQ Carillon Eagle Mid Cap Growth Fund
MSQ LSV Small Cap Value Fund
MissionSquare Mid/Small Company Index Fund
MissionSquare Small Cap Discovery Fund
MSQ Invesco Discovery Fund
International/Global Stock
MissionSquare International Fund
MissionSquare Overseas Equity Index Fund
MSQ Diversified International Fund
MissionSquare Emerging Markets Fund
MSQ Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund
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